Smart Warehousing Ranked Top Logistics Company In KC: Kansas City Business Journal

For the second year in a row, we are thrilled to announce that Smart Warehousing is ranked as one of Kansas City’s Top Logistics Companies in the Kansas City Business Journal's Book of Lists! Check out the Kansas City Business Journal article here. Smart Warehousing has six warehouse facilities in the area, located in Edgerton, Atchison and Independence, totaling 4,601,310 square feet of storage space. In addition to our Kansas City presence, Smart Warehousing has 24 other warehouse locations spanning twelve different markets across the United States, which enables our customers to reach 99% of the national population in two days for less. Throughout all regions of the USA, Smart Warehousing manages millions of shipments a year for almost a thousand customers — from direct-to-consumer packages to full truckloads destined for retailer distribution centers. Our omnichannel capabilities and hundreds of e-commerce and back-end technology integrations allows our customers to leverage inventories across all channels, reducing costs and improving service levels. Find out more about how we can empower your company with full visibility to, and control of which products are in warehouses, in process, in transit, and delivered to customers – visit our website or reach our to us today at (913) 888-3222 and

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New CEO Rush: Smart Warehousing can grow into a billion-dollar company

"Instead of launching another startup, the serial entrepreneur now is CEO of Edgerton-based Smart Warehousing LLC, a third-party logistics company that provides companies with warehousing, fulfillment and inventory management services. Founded in 2001, it’s anything but a startup. But it provides a unique opportunity, he said, because there aren't many local options where an entrepreneur can step into a healthy company with a great culture that also sits in a massive, growing market." Read the full Kansas City Business Journal article here.

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Toby Rush to Lead Smart Warehousing LLC as CEO

Rush joins the KC Metro area firm as unprecedented growth opportunity emerges in omnichannel warehousing and fulfillment sectors. Kansas City Metro (9 September 2020) --  Today Smart Warehousing announced that veteran entrepreneur Toby Rush has joined the company as CEO. Bringing Rush on board positions Smart Warehousing to accelerate its customer and revenue growth in response to very strong demand for complex omnichannel fulfillment and warehousing solutions. “Smart Warehousing is helping companies of all sizes engage with this new digital world of selling everywhere to everyone (B2E: Business To Everyone),” says Carl Wasinger, Founder and COO of Smart Warehousing. “Toby’s tremendous experience, passion and talent will spur our already soaring growth to stratospheric heights. As we continue to expand and find new ways to leverage our integrated technologies and facilities throughout the next decade, we envision having a physical presence in each of the top 100 U.S. markets.” Rush said, “Our key differentiator is our ability to tailor solutions by incorporating future-focused technologies and hundreds of eCommerce integrations, making our systems more flexible and responsive. That is why we are shipping millions of orders for almost 1,000 customers today. This success is built on our vertical integration, which simplifies complex fulfillment challenges - our systems, our buildings, our people and our promise.” Customers across a broad variety of market sectors are all experiencing the same pain points as they grapple with the complexities of omnichannel distribution. Smart Warehousing’s proprietary software provides its clients seamless, cloud-based access to inventories and supply chains worldwide. This platform gives clients full visibility to and control of which products are in warehouses, in process,

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